Kristian Mischke

[PDF Resume]

Problem-solver and thinker with just over four years of experience in the industry. I enjoy video game development and am passionate about education and (computational) linguistics.

Project Showcase:

Recurring Moment

Time-travel puzzle platformer video game developed for the Spring 2021 CMSC 493 Game Capstone Class at UMBC. Game mechanics are inspired by the feature film Primer (2004). Game developed in Unity 3D and C#. Alpha demoed at URCAD 2021

My Responsibilities:

  • Conceptualized, Pitched, and Prototyped original idea during the first 3 weeks of class.
  • Acted as Lead Designer and interfaced with the Art & Programming teams at weekly meetings.
  • Project management with SCRUM development sprints and burndown charts
  • Implemented core mechanics and sparse data structures to store time-travel data.


Web-app built for the Spring 2021 CMSC 447 Software Engineering class at UMBC. Enables users to easily set up forms for grouping people into different projects based on their interests and who they want to work with.

My Responsibilities:

  • AGILE and GitFlow frameworks for development sprints
  • Developed front-end form for setting up the GroupFormer project using Django, HTML, and JQuery.
  • Collaborated with teammates to develop algorithm for scoring participant groupings.
  • Integrated Django authentication to secure instructor's forms.

Schess: A Chess Battle-Royal Variant

Schess is a multiplayer battle-royal chess variant where players move their pieces simultaneously each turn and must fight using the modified rules to be the last player standing! The game is developed by a small team of 4 friends and is in prototype/alpha condition (feedback is much appreciated!)

My Responsibilities:

  • Acted as the Lead Programmer during a 48-hour game jam with three other friends.
  • Responsible for game-logic, and networking code using Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) with Photon Unity Networking (PUN) in the Unity 3D game engine.

Luna (Discord Bot)

Discord Bot that serves as a playground and testbed for NLP learning (currently limited to select private servers). Learns to mimic users' responses using Stupid Backoff Markov Chains. Can filter and find important messages in a given window using Pointwise Mutual Information (PMI). Has other fun hidden features to make me and my friends laugh.

Keeping Blessing Hill Website

My Responsibilities:

Drag'n'Drop Coding Tutorial Website

My Responsibilities:

Applying the Cascaded Finite State Grammar Induction Model to Trading Card Game Corpora

My Responsibilities:

  • Proposed the original idea for this final group project.
  • Implemented–with a group of 3 peers–a Grammar Induction algorithm in Python from an academic paper that uses a cascaded chunking algorithm with HMMs.
  • We analyzed model performance using perplexity, and we applied it to Trading Card Games like Magic: the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! and others.